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Export Google Chrome passwords to Keepass

I have recently been complementing the power of Keepass with Dropbox, which allows me to share and access my logins and passwords anywhere with an internet connection while still storing them in a secure manner. Thanks to the KeepassDroid application, this even includes my phone.

Since I began using Keepass, I have been looking for a way to import those pesky web application passwords into Keepass. Since I have a different login and password for essentially every site I visit, managing and remembering these has been a huge problem in the past. With multiple hundreds of unique login/password combinations, doing this by hand was not an option. This morning the problem came to a head and I decided to do something about it.

Since Keepass allows importation from it’s own XML format, the building blocks for an export/import were already there. I have been learning Ruby lately, so I decided I would whip up a quick script to export my Chrome passwords.

After a bit of hacking, I finished chrome2keepass this morning and you can find it at its Github Repository.